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To Shikou Samasu [Filtered from Staff]

Samasu Shikou, I know you wish to duel mein Sangenma deck.


What is your choice of Battlefield?

When do you wish to fight, mein liebling?

I am very clear on the wager and prize for you, that you want Ms. Kirihana in her 'right' state of mind.

Are there any other wagers you wish made before we walk into this little fight, boy?

And perhaps you should bring Ms. Kirihana as a neutral third party. Shuffle our decks. Since I don't think we can trust each other to shuffle fairly at all, non?

Hell, bring as many spectators as you wish.
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The beach, tonight. I'll tell you when I'm ready, Uebel.

It would be nice to have your own demands in writing, before this begins. You're welcome to choose what you wish; I've made mine already.

That trust is a bit shaky, now isn't it? Fine.

Other spectators won't be required.
Very good. The beach is an excellent battlefield, I love the flow of the waves, Shikou darling.

Oh, nothing other than the usual. You lose, I get to inflict one penalty game of my chosing upon you. Also, you shall no longer meddle in my affairs, hrrmmm?

Well, do you trust me?

Very well. Tonight, Shikou, you dine in hell.
I agree, Uebel. It is quite a wonderful place to duel, correct?

...Of course. Had you not done things to force me to, I wouldn't have done so in the first place. But fine, the terms are acceptable..

I dislike you.

Was wondering when I'd be able to use my reservation.
Quite. For more reasons than one.

Very good. And meddling in my affairs means she stays as is if you lose.

But do you trust me?

Good to see you have a sense of humor, in the face of despair.
So you admit that you did something to her, and that it wasn't her choice that she chose to be this way, or that she, herself, without any manipulation, would want to be this way, either? Just so we can have clarification in case you try to lie about it, or if her opinion suddenly changes.

I trust people as far as they can allow me to.

It's the best one can have, in such circumstances.
Simply put, it should be explained that my powers are incapable of creating something out of nothing. She chose to be this way, because she dressed like that. If she didn't feel comfortable wearing it...

Well... Simply put, this is merely her, with an adjusted mask. We're all actors, Shikou.

And do you trust me?

Of course of course.
Mn. I shouldn't have helped her make that outfit.

...An adjusted mask, huh? Hope I'll be able to put it back the way it was before, after this.

How far would you allow me to, Uebel?
Your own crime then. Trying to fix your mistakes, boy?

Hope hope hope is all you have. Until it bleeds dead.

How far do you wish?
I guess you could say that. I did something wrong, and I'm trying to fix the mistake my own submissive self made, by agreeing to help her.

Luckily, hope has that odd habit of being refilled, after that happens, at the strangest of things, Uebel.

As far as anyone would wish to trust someone. However, given you, it wouldn't be a whole lot, now would it?
How noble. How pathetically noble. Have you asked her what she wants? Her mind and intelligence and logic are all there still, just the way she percieves herself is new.

Heh. I really do hope it pulls through for you.

I suppose.
The way she perceives herself now makes all the difference, Uebel. What she might say "yes" to now, might be "no" before. Logic doesn't count, when ones' views change.

I would've expected the opposite, Uebel.

Then I guess that means that it's impossible to trust you. Isn't that right?
Veiws always change. People are not static. o you want her to be a statue.

So I can crush you under my heel.

I suppose it is. Hence the offer of a third party that is impartial and/or biased to both of us.
Of course not, Uebel. I do prefer her to be able to make her own choices, without outside interference, however.

Mn. Raise it up, and then make it come crashing down. Lovely.

Of course. Because you're impossible to trust.
And how is she not? It's not like she's got a card running her brain.

The finest wine in the universe, despair. I want it as ripe and rich as possible.

Consider it an act of good will.
Unlike the other one. However, you are considered to be an outside interference, at this moment.

I'll make sure to come to the duel fully expecting to lose. It makes a nice surprise for when I do.

From you? I don't really think I will.